7 Tips for a Healthier You: How to be Healthier in 2016

7 Tips for a Healthier You: How to be Healthier in 2016

8th Jan 2016

As we parade into a new year, it is likely that we spend time reflecting on the year past. We think about the things that have worked, those that haven’t, and we endeavor to envision a new year filled with positive changes and manifestations. Well, 2016 is no different. As we strive towards a healthy year, we can consider these top 7 tips for a happy, healthier you in 2016

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1.Eat Cleaner; Many are not aware of how affected we are by the consumption of processed foods and genetically modified ingredients. Consuming these foods not only has the potential of posing harm to our physical well being, but to our mental state as well. Eating cleaner foods throughout a balanced diet is fundamental to a healthy you in 2016.

2.Enjoy Food; Food is what keeps us alive and strong, and no one said that eating healthy had to be a painful, agonizing process. Enhance your diet with proteins, healthy fats, essential carbs, and lots of color, and don’t rob yourself of the tastes and flavors that surround you. By enriching your diet, you are enriching your life, which leads to a healthy you.

3.Get Enough Sleep; One of the most necessary factors to a healthy functioning mind and body is a proper amount of sleep every night. In fact, the body and mind need at least 7 hours of sleep to be at their best. Make it a habit to cut off all electronics at least one hour before bedtime. By stilling your mind in this way, you can drift off into those recharging slumbers more easily.

4.Be Still; When pursuing a happy, healthy 2016, we should find time throughout our hectic, busy schedule to set out a daily “me” time. Just as important to the physical side of health is the mental side. During this day and age, it is not uncommon to rush and scramble while answering to our busy schedules. During designated moments of quiet and serenity, we are reminded to slow down. Set out 10 minutes everyday for a cup of tea or to listen to your favorite music.

5.Weaving in Exercise; No health-tip-list is complete without mentioning the importance of exercise. Not only does exercise keep you strong and increase the endurance of essential organs, but it is proven to reduce stress and alert you mentally. That is why we’ve decided to include it as well! Make exercise habitual by deciding to weave it into your daily routines. Take the stairs instead of the elevators, ride your bike to run errands, and choose to stand while answering emails at work. All of these small changes will make a big difference!

6.Be Positive; It’s easy to fall victim to the pity party game. Things get hard and it’s easier to see the glass half empty in those moments. Counteract negativity by setting simple, realistic goals for yourself. By achieving your objectives, your mental health will improve.

Be Mindful; With all that’s changing in the world, it’s important to stay informed and aware. Monitoring and evaluating the impact you have on the people and environment around you is another tip to a happy, healthy new year. In pursuing a state of optimum mental health, make yourself aware of your contributions to the world around yo