ADHD Alternative Treatments

17th Apr 2017

ADHD Alternative Treatments

A great way for those who deal with adhd is to find ADHD alternative treatments, a more natural approach to dealing with the affects of this condition.

Children are the best gifts parents can ever ask for. Every mother and father wants their children to be perfect in any way. They want them to look good, be healthy, be strong and of course, be free from any physical or psychological disorder.

But what if you discover that your child is suffering from ADHD or Attention-Deficit Hyperactive Disorder? Would your child be able to grow normally just as any other children? Well, there are several things that parents should know about their child with ADHD and they ought to realize that there are adhd alternative treatments to deal with the condition.

What is ADHD?

Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder is a disorder diagnosed or detected in childhood and is most common in boys than in girls. It is a developmental disorder and is considered long term. Although the exact cause of the disorder is unknown, just like many psychiatric disorders, it is highly associated with genetic causes. Meaning, it runs in the family blood line.

The disorder can be manifested by three different characteristics: inattentiveness, impulsivity and hyperactivity. Some children have a combination of the three manifestations, but most of them suffer only from inattentiveness.

Inattentiveness symptoms include failure to give attention to details, attention difficulties during lectures, easily distracted, forgetful in daily activities and others. Hyperactivity symptoms include leaving the sit when he is expected to remain seated, always “on the go”, shouts, runs and climbs anywhere even if inappropriate and others. Impulsivity symptoms include blurting out his answer just before the question is already stated completely, interrupting conversations and difficulty waiting in line or waiting for his turn.

How is ADHD diagnosed?

The disorder is usually diagnosed during school age or from ages 6-12 years, but symptoms are most likely to be present before the age of 7. If the child has at least 6 inattentiveness symptoms or 6 hyperactivity/impulsivity symptoms for at least six months and has been causing considerable distress on the part of the school, the parents and significant others, the child can be diagnosed with ADHD. At this point adhd alternative treatments would be a good resource.

How is ADHD treated?

The management and treatment of the disorder is done through the efforts of the physician and the parents of the child. It is very important for the parents to realize that the disorder is not caused by any virus or bacteria and that it is caused by certain genetic composition. No matter how hard it could be, they should learn to accept their child’s condition as it is and keep in mind that the child is still lovable and to be cherished.

Medical management of the condition includes the use of stimulants to provide a calming effect to the child. Behavioral therapy is also indicated and the parents are encouraged to use reward and punishment methods in dealing with their child’s behavior.

There are numerous ADHD alternative treatments that can be used as an alternative to standard treatment in patients. These include the use of Natural Remedies For ADHD , Vitamins for ADHD and Home Remedies for ADHD