High Blood Pressure - 5 natural remedies that can help you feel better

High Blood Pressure - 5 natural remedies that can help you feel better

Posted by Rich Dezso on 22nd Oct 2014

High Blood Pressure: What is it?

There are numerous high blood pressure remedies to aid you but lets first look at what high blood pressure is and how it can affect you. 

High blood pressure causes thickening of the walls of blood vessels and also makes them more prone to develop hardening of the arteries (atherosclerosis).

High blood pressure or hypertension commonly has absolutely no signs or symptoms. But it can result in serious problems, such as stroke , heart disease , heart attacks and also kidney failure. Therefore getting your blood pressure monitored frequently is important whether or not you're feeling fine.

High blood pressure commonly develops over several years, therefore impacts nearly everyone sooner or later. Fortunately, high blood pressure can easily be detected. And when you know you have high blood pressure, you can easily seek advice from your doctor to control it.


High blood pressure with no identified cause is referred to as primary (previously named essential) hypertension. Anywhere between 85% and 95% of individuals with high blood pressure have primary hypertension. Many variations in the heart and blood vessels probably combine to increase blood pressure. For instance, the amount of blood pumped a minute (cardiac output) might be increased, and the resistance to the flow of blood may be increased mainly because blood vessels are restricted. Blood volume might be increased as well. The causes for such variations are not fully realized but seem to involve an inherited irregularity affecting the constriction of arterioles, which help control blood pressure. Various other changes may contribute to increases in blood pressure, like buildup of extreme quantities of salt inside cells and minimized production of substances that dilate arterioles.


A high blood pressure level with a recognized cause is referred to as secondary hypertension. Anywhere between 5% and 15% people today with elevated blood pressure have secondary hypertension. In a number of these men and women, high blood pressure is triggered by a kidney disorder. Several kidney disorders can lead to high blood pressure considering that the kidneys are important in controlling blood pressure. For instance, damage to the kidneys from infection or other disorders could lessen their capability to remove enough salt and water from the body, elevating blood volume and blood pressure. Some other kidney disorders that can cause high blood pressure can include renal artery stenosis (thinning of the artery supplying one of the kidneys), which might be due to atherosclerosis, injury, and other disorders

5 High Blood Pressure Remedies

Treatment options will depend on how high your blood pressure is, whether you've got other health problems for instance diabetes, and whether any other organs have already been damaged. Your doctor will also consider how likely that you are to develop other disorders, especially heart disease. A high blood pressure treatment can be hard to come by given that it usually involves changing your lifestyle. It is not always easy to cut down on fatty foods, caffeinated drinks and alcoholic drinks, or to eat fruits and vegetables. Finding the time to de-stress or exercise also proves difficult for many people.


Hawthorn for high blood pressure

Hawthorn is one of many popular high blood pressure remedies used to help protect against heart disease which helps control high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels. Both animal and human scientific studies suggest hawthorn improves coronary artery blood flow, improves blood circulation, and decreases blood pressure.


Passionflower for high blood pressure

Passionflower may be excellent for the treatment of some types of high blood pressure given that it reduces anxiety and stress, which happens to be factors that can directly cause an elevation in blood pressure. Additionally, certain compounds in passionflower may relax the smooth muscle in blood vessels, which also helps to lower blood pressure, says HighBloodPressureInfo.org.

Cramp Bark

Cramp bark for high blood pressure

Cramp bark can reduce pressure in the heart muscle, arteries and veins, which often can play a role in reduced blood pressure. This is particularly suited for someone with lots of stress, tension and a type A personality.

Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo Biloba for high blood pressure

Ginkgo biloba is extremely prized for its medicinal properties in Chinese Traditional Medicine. One of the most crucial active ingredients, ginkgolide, continues to be clinically confirmed to be an effective cardiac muscle tonic. Recent research has demonstrated this herb's power to support cardiac health.

High Rite

One of the better high blood pressure remedies that works fairly quickly without having any of the damaging adverse reactions that so often accompany prescription medicines is High-Rite. This all-natural remedy works to better regulate and balance your blood pressure. It contains all of the herbs mentioned above but in a single formula for your convenience. High-Rite supports the healthy and balanced operation of the cardiovascular system, thereby helping to sustain balanced pressure of the blood on veins and arterial blood vessels which is already within the normal range, regular oxygenation of the blood to your heart muscle and pulse regulation. High-Rite can make all the difference, without taking a chance on serious side effects or compromising health. High-Rite is available in both liquid form and vegetarian capsules. It is gluten free, kosher, lactose free and vegetarian.