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Uses: Promotes feelings of relaxation and calm to maintain harmony, health and systemic balance in the brain and nervous system*

  • Leading natural calming remedy

  • Soothes fear and nerves, helping maintain a positive outlook

  • Balances emotions and helps to soothe apprehension

  • Promotes calm during everyday pressure, stress and nervous tension

  • Supports healthy feelings of well-being

  • Promotes harmony in the brain and nervous system

PureCalm is the premier natural solution to promote feelings of calm and relaxation in times of emotional distress. It is a 100% safe, non-addictive herbal remedy that has been specially formulated by our team of experts in natural medicine to maintain harmony, health and systemic balance in the brain and nervous system without harmful side effects.

This remedy has been used for many years to maintain healthy nervous system functions, especially when feeling overwhelmed or consumed with worry. Due to the concentrated tincture formula, PureCalm drops work quickly to maintain emotional health and harmony in the nervous system exactly when you need it!

PureCalm is a complex calming remedy that should be taken at the first signs of emotional distress, upset or times of high pressure, as it will help promote relaxation and positive thinking, minus the risk of addiction, drowsiness or other dangerous side effects. It contains a unique and scientifically chosen selection of herbs known for their beneficial effects on the nervous system, especially Lemon balm and Passion flower. PureCalm also contains Lavender, also widely known for its soothing properties.

PureCalm is also a great complementary remedy to MindSoothe™,formulated to support a balanced mood, emotional health and feelings of well-being.

To give you the best quality product, we use only Premium Whole Herb manufacturing. Unlike standardized extracts, which expose the ingredients to harsh chemical solvents and remove the supporting metabolites from the plant, this manufacturing method significantly reduces the likelihood of side effects and ensures that all active ingredients are in perfect balance.

Settle rough seas and welcome calm waters…

A fast-paced modern lifestyle can be difficult for both adults and children. Trying activities such as work deadlines, relationship problems, job interviews, school competitions and public interactions don’t make things any easier either.

It’s not uncommon to find oneself a little overwhelmed at the thought of a particular upcoming event or situation. Sometimes demands may be so great that it is difficult to slow down and take a deep breath, causing us to worry even more.

Natural way

There are many coping mechanisms to ease negative thoughts and support a healthy ability to relax and slow down. One way of doing this is to help your mind produce its own natural feel-good chemicals. This can be done by eating plenty of fresh fruit, vegetables and whole grain foods, and by exercising regularly and getting plenty of fresh air and sunshine.

Practicing relaxation techniques, meditation or even taking time for a regular walk on the beach can all help to reduce stress levels and facilitate a feeling of calm, helping us to wind down and relax.

Natural remedies can also help to support the nervous system and to keep nerves settled and soothed – to enable us to cope more easily with the everyday stresses of our modern existence.

Ingredients in PureCalm are

  • Lemon balm (Melissa officinalis) has been studied for its beneficial effect on the nervous system (Kennedy DO, Scholey AB, Tildesley NT, Perry EK, Wesnes KA. Attenuation of laboratory-induced stress in humans after acute administration of Melissa officinalis (Lemon Balm). Psychosom Med. 2004 Jul-Aug; 66(4):607-13).

  • Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) is another well-known herb that is found in countries all over the world. Lavender contains active ingredients such as tannins, coumarins, flavonoids, triterpenoids and volatile oil. It is best known for its soothing properties and as a tonic to support the nervous system.

  • Passion flower (Passiflora incarnata) is very highly regarded by traditional herbalists for its soothing properties and support of the nervous system. This has been supported by clinical trials.

How do I administer PureCalm?

Dilute drops in a small amount of water or juice, or drop directly into the mouth.

Adults & Children 15+: Take 0.50 mL 3 times daily.

Children 10-14: Take 0.25 mL 3 times daily.

Children 6-9: Take 1 drop per year of age.

Children 3-6: We recommend homeopathic K-OK Kiddie Calmer and Triple Complex Calm Tonic™.

Caution: If pregnant or breastfeeding, ask a health professional before use. If symptoms persist or worsen, consult a healthcare professional. Keep this and all medicines from the reach of children.

Note: For ongoing support, it is recommended that PureCalm be used concurrently with MindSoothe


How long until I see results?

People can differ widely in their response times to natural remedies depending on individual makeup, lifestyle and diet. Some may experience a general feeling of wellness within days, while for others it may take longer before an effect is felt.

Often, as in the case of all good tonics, a gradual improvement is felt over time. Best results are achieved when it is used consistently along with a healthy lifestyle.


PureCalm has helped me remarkably…I'm no longer afraid to be in large groups of people. I also find it a lot easier to engage in conversation with others. This is a great product!-Michael